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Smart Estimates

Smart Estimates are a tool to help you stop under-quoting jobs.  Rather than guessing as to how long a job will take you and how many expenses you’ll incur for a given project, Smart Estimates shows you the average time & expenses incurred, by category, for a given project type.  The following is an example Smart Estimates report for a graphic designer:


Profit & Loss

The Profit & Loss report shows your profitability over time by project type.  It also shows your total client payments, expenses, and profit (as well as a breakdown by project type).


Archived Projects

The Archived Projects report provides you with a quick summary view of your past projects.  For the selected time frame, you will see a list of projects with the following info on each project:

  • Project Name
  • Project Type
  • Date Created
  • Date Archived
  • Payments (the total payments logged against the project)
  • Expenses (the total expenses logged against the project)
  • Profit (the total payments minus the total expenses)


Smart time tracking for freelancers.

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